"The purpose of the Alumni is to promote fellowship among its members, their spouses, and friends."

Mission Statement: The Virginia State Police Alumni, Inc. is an organization of state police retirees and former members, sworn and non-sworn, formed for the principal purpose of fostering and maintaining camaraderie among the members through social gatherings and events.

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Scouts’ Motto:

Have you completed your estate
planning? Do you have a Living Will?
Any will? We are pleased to introduce
The Florian Foundation. Established
after 9/11 the Foundation has been
responsible for providing public
safety professionals with more than
30,000 sets of documents, pro bono!
If you didn’t take a lot of Latin back in
the day, that means FOR FREE. Your
spouse or significant other is also
included, for the same low price.  ($0)

The history of the Foundation is
included here, with the forms and
glossary below. As you open them,
“enable editing” so that you can print
them.  For even more helpful estate
planning, please see their website:
The Florian Foundation 

In the late 90s, the partners of the
law firm I was working for in Fairfax
hired, at my request, a second
investigator who was retired law
enforcement and a firefighter. Andrea
had served with a department in
Loudoun County, VA, and was
medically retired after surviving a
dragging incident. At the time of the
incident, she had no estate planning
in place and her beneficiary
designations and contact information
at headquarters were not up to date.

As Andrea was recovering, she
realized that her situation was all too
common, so she set about trying to
solve the issue for her brothers and
sisters in the public safety
community. When she came to work
with us, she and I discussed the
problem and began to do some
research. We looked at the situation
with the Worcester 6B six firefighters
lost in a cold storage warehouse in
Worcester, MA, in 1999. None of the
men had a will, seventeen children
were left fatherless, and the
disbursement of the money donated
for the benefit of the families is still in
litigation. We also studied the Keokuk
(IA) 3 and the Charleston (SC) 9.
Different fires; all too similar stories.

We took a hard look at the lack of
estate planning in the public safety
arena. Nationwide, 65% of the
general population has no estate
planning in place-no will, power of
attorney or medical directive or any
combination of those documents.
When we surveyed public safety we
discovered that 93% have nothing in
place. The reason? Individuals who
choose public safety as a career
consider themselves invincible. No
reason to plan for death or disability,
because it only happens to “the other
At that point, we approached the
attorneys in the firm and asked if
they had an idea about handling the
issue. We knew from the beginning
that we had to take the cost out of
the equation, because police and
firefighters (1) don’t have the money,
and (2) don’t usually know estate
planning lawyers. Additionally, public
safety professionals are trained to
pre-plan for everyone else, but
usually not themselves and their
families. The attorneys we were
working for helped us set up the
Foundation to fill the void.

And then 9/11 hit. We have been
scrambling ever since, but the results
have been well worth it.

To date the Foundation has been
responsible for providing public
safety professionals in over 95
Federal, state and local departments
with more than 30,000 sets of
documents, pro bono. We have
conducted countless roll call and shift
trainings on the importance of
personal pre-planning. I speak at
national conferences and to recruit
classes for both police and fire in
numerous jurisdictions on a routine
basis. We have worked with
departments to interview and
produce the necessary documents to
protect the families of their
employees. We also routinely wor
with command staff to help them
plan a course of action to help
employees keep benefit and
beneficiary information up to date. I
personally have been involved in
helping departments work with the
families of officers and firefighters
who have died to handle the estates
and retrieve benefits, and I do
extensive training on PSOB. I am also
a retired law enforcement officer with
a specialty in financial crimes,
specifically crimes against the elderly
and estate fraud. Andrea is retired
law enforcement from a department
in Northern Virginia, she is a
firefighter and the fire marshal for
the City of Alexandria.
Sandie Doptis
Executive Director

Foundation Instructions:Foundation Instruction Sheet (1)

Foundation Information: Foundation Information Form (1)

Explanation of terms: Glossary terms (1)

Good source to share:Pro Bono Lecture and Handout (1)




Brief History

The founders of the Virginia State
Police Alumni Association met in Charlottesville,
Virginia on March 23, 1973 and formed
a steering committee to write the By-Laws
of the Organization.

On May 26,1973,  40 former Troopers
met in Waynesboro and finalized much
of the work needed to file documents for
a certificate of incorporation.  At this meeting
John B. Flinn was elected  President.  Filing
for the incorporation was completed
October 16, 1973 and the Alumni’s next meeting
was held December 29, 1973.  The membership
at this time had grown to one hundred and twenty-seven.

The Alumni filed a name change on
December 23, 1976, from the
Virginia State Police Alumni Association
to the Virginia State Police Alumni, Inc.

The Virginia State Police Alumni, Inc.
conducts three dinner meetings per year.

The membership has grown to 548 members
and the membership consists of former
Virginia State Police Troopers and civilian
employees of the Department of State Police.
Membership dues are twenty-five dollars
($25.00) annually and new applicants  are
voted in at each of the dinner meetings.

The Executive Board consists of the
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
Parliamentarian, Executive Secretary,
Sergeant-At-Arms and a Divisional
representative for each of the seven
Divisions.  All Executive Board members
except the Parliamentarian are elected each
year by the membership.  The Parliamentarian
and three trustees are appointed each year
by the President.

The Alumni publishes a newsletter
called The Grapevine three times a year
and a membership directory once a year.
The Alumni also maintains a Health and Welfare
chairman who forwards emails to members
relaying information on the health and welfare
of members and their families.



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